Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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I have enjoyed the snow days since returning from Christmas break.  Come June, I will have to remember all the great garments I sewed during those unplanned 'vacation' days!

First up, this great Ann Taylor skirt.  

My knock-off version

Skirt:  rayon, polyester, spandex ponte from my stash (Fabric Mart), polyester lining also from stash
Pattern:  McCalls 5523 for the back, Butterick 5566, modified, for the front

The exposed zipper is not functional; an invisible zipper is in center back seam.

                                    The second project from my Pinterest
                                    Wardrobe Challenge board is this 
                                    yellow/purple combo. 

Skirt:  Yellow wool crepe (McCalls 5523) already in my closet!
Cardi:  Old B. Moss purchase, already in my closet!
Top:  ITY jersey (Haberman's, Novi Expo 9/2013)
Butterick 3344 , View D added 3/4 sleeves

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